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Promotion Announcement: Tips And Examples For Managers

Employee advancement is an integral part of your team’s cohesion and, ultimately, your business’s success. You can highlight the achievements of your employees and motivate others to reach for more responsibility by distributing a promotion announcement.

In this article, the management experts at Sling discuss the importance of using promotion announcements in your business and give you tips and examples you can use to celebrate the accomplishments of your employees.

What Is A Promotion Announcement?

A promotion announcement is a message sent to every team member in your business letting them know about the advancement of one of their colleagues. As we’ll discuss below, there are many different ways to deliver a promotion announcement and many different things to include.

Regardless of the form and the message itself, the very act of distributing the announcement is important for the morale of your employees and the success of your business.

Why Are Promotion Announcements Important?

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Informing everyone in your business about a promotion serves several key purposes, including:

Promotion announcements also help highlight the importance of team and workplace communication.

If your team members hear about a coworker’s promotion through the grapevine, they might feel undervalued. Too much of that can lead to disgruntled employees and job satisfaction problems later on.

How To Deliver A Promotion Announcement

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In a small company, you may choose to deliver your announcement during a company-wide meeting with everyone present.

This type of ceremony is especially beneficial for retaining high-performing employees because it’s intimate and personal, making everyone on the team feel like valued members of the business.

With larger organizations, though, a company-wide meeting may not be feasible or physically possible. In those cases, you can choose from a variety of distribution channels, including:

  • Email
  • Memo
  • Newsletter
  • Letter
  • Online announcement

When deciding how to deliver a promotion announcement to your team, it’s essential to consider which is the most effective and efficient method for your business.

Email is a quick and easy way to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. It is especially useful if you need to inform remote workers, multiple business locations, and even customers and clients of the change.

Memos and newsletters are slower and less-easily accessible than email, but they are less likely to be overlooked amidst the flood of electronic messages your employees receive every day.

A letter is by far the slowest distribution method available, but, in many ways, it is also the most personal. All employees — including the one being promoted — will appreciate the effort that went into crafting, producing, and delivering a long-form letter.

Finally, an online announcement on your company website or newsfeed is an easy way to reach both the public and private sides of your business quickly, easily, and with little to no expense.

You may even choose to use more than one delivery channel — such as sending an email and posting online or sending a letter and printing it in the company newsletter — to ensure that you reach everyone who needs to know.

What To Include In A Promotion Announcement

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Regardless of the delivery method you choose, your promotion announcement should always include the following components:

  • Greeting
  • Introduction
  • Reasons for promotion
  • New responsibilities
  • Congratulations
  • Call to action

You don’t have to include extensive information in each section — a few words or one or two sentences will suffice. Nor do you need to delineate these sections with a subheading or formal division.

Rather, these components are basic pieces of information that every good promotion announcement should contain.


Always open your announcement with the proper greeting. It doesn’t matter if you use email, a letter, or some other method of distribution, your message should include everyone.

For that reason, we suggest one of the following options:

  • Dear <Business Name> Staff
  • Valued Employees
  • Dear Team
  • Esteemed Colleagues


After the greeting, introduce the employee being promoted and tell the readers a bit about them. This introduction provides context for team members who are not familiar with the employee.

This doesn’t have to be a long biography of their work experience — one or two sentences is plenty. It’s also good practice to include how long the employee has worked for your business.

Reasons For Promotion

In a few sentences, showcase the employee’s accomplishments and achievements in their previous position.

This serves two purposes: it celebrates and commends the individual for their hard work, and it gives other employees a clearer picture of what it takes to advance within your business.

New Responsibilities

In a few words or a full sentence, mention the employee’s new responsibilities.

This helps their coworkers understand how the person in this new role will affect the communication and workflow they’re already accustomed to.


Coworkers shaking hands after a promotion announcement

The end of the promotion announcement is reserved for direct congratulations from you and other managers on the team.

This section helps to give the promoted employee the confidence they need to do their best in the new position.

Call To Action

Finally, close your promotion announcement with a call to action encouraging everyone on the team to extend their congratulations and give their support to the promoted employee

Promotion Announcement Examples

Example #1

Dear Valued Staff,

I’m pleased to announce the promotion of Kaylee Frye to Fleet Manager.

Kaylee has worked for Serenity Valley Products for five years and has been an invaluable member of our team during that time. She was instrumental in maintaining our fleet while also cutting costs and improving revenue.

We are confident that she will continue this record of innovation in her new position overseeing both the equipment and personnel.

For any inquiries about Kaylee’s new position and how it correlates to your department, please feel free to contact me.

Please join me in congratulating Kaylee on her outstanding contributions to her department and our company. We know she will perform admirably in her new position.


Malcolm Reynolds


Example #2

Dear Staff,

Subject: Zoe Washburne, Director of Customer Relations

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Zoe Washburne to Director of Product Marketing.

Zoe has been with Serenity Valley Products from the very beginning and has played a key role in its success.

Because of this experience, Zoe brings a wealth of talent and knowledge to her new department and we are excited about her more hands-on role in the company.

Please join us in congratulating Zoe on her promotion and wishing her well in her new role.


Malcolm Reynolds


Example #3

Valued Employees,

I am excited to announce that Jay Cobb has earned a well-deserved promotion to Head of Customer Relations effective May 5.

Jay brings extensive experience in customer relations, solutions, and communication — from a previous role in another company and eight years at Serenity Valley Products — to his position as head of the department.

I would appreciate your taking the time to welcome him on board as he transitions to his new role.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Malcolm Reynolds


Schedule Time To Make Your Announcement Shine

Sling app

A promotion announcement is a milestone in your business’s success. As the manager responsible for writing the announcement, distributing it, and recognizing the recipient, it’s vital that you dedicate plenty of time to the process.

Software like Sling can help.

With Sling’s industry-leading scheduling platform, you can manage your own hectic schedule as well as create complicated staff rotas — including rotating shifts, overlapping shifts, and night shifts — in minutes instead of hours and distribute the schedule to your employees with just the click of a button.

Sling even provides onboard artificial intelligence that alerts you to conflicts in the schedule (e.g., overtime, double bookings, and time-off requests) so you can finalize your schedule sooner.

All of that — and much more — makes Sling the easiest and best way to streamline your schedule so you have time to make your promotion announcement shine.

For more free resources to help you manage your business better, organize and schedule your team, and track and calculate labor costs, visit today.

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