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Labor costs

Labor costs are one of the largest expenses any business has to absorb. And since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, we’ve added the labor cost feature, so you can optimize your spending as you schedule.

Optimize cost of labor

Set wages per employee or position and see how much each shift you schedule is costing you. Forecast and optimize labor costs while scheduling to ensure you stay on budget.

Stay on budget

Keep track of your labor budget and get alerted when going above to produce substantial amount of savings, wider margins and increased profits.

Spot and avoid potential overtime

Get notified whenever you are about to schedule someone into overtime and make changes to the schedule before O/T costs become a problem.

View labor as a percentage of sales

Ensure your budgets are met consistently by viewing labor as a percentage of sales. Upload projected sales and see whether you are exceeding your labor % target right when you schedule.

Manage better with reports

Analyze and understand your labor data by pulling reports for a day, week or month, or for customizable periods. Make adjustments for the future and drive your business forward.

Monitor your labor spend and leverage your data to build efficient schedules

  • Keep labor costs within budget and avoid overstaffing

    With budget limits, overtime rules, and labor percentage targets on Sling, you’ll always know the status of your labor budget. Easily monitor the cost of each shift as you schedule, as well as predict your entire labor cost for the period. That way, you can cut down on overstaffing and keep your labor spend on track, while increasing margins and improving profits for your business.

  • Analyze your labor data and optimize your spending

    Take the guesswork out of your labor cost tracking. Whether it’s overtime that’s blowing your budget, or overstaffing that’s costing you too much, you’ll find out just where your money’s going with Sling reports. Pull labor reports for periods ranging from one day to a full year. Quickly spot trends and inconsistencies to make smart scheduling decisions for your business.

  • Avoid costly overtime as you build your schedules

    Effortlessly manage your overtime spend and keep your employee hours in order to dramatically increase savings. Employee scheduling and labor cost features on Sling make it easy to monitor unnecessary overtime costs. Set up alerts to notify you of any excess hours as you schedule, and get real-time notifications for hours you hadn’t planned for.

Avoid overspending and increase margins

Labor cost management tools on Sling make it easy to stay under budget and strategically tackle your overtime costs. That helps to dramatically increase savings, broaden margins, and grow profits. With Sling you can monitor overtime and set up alerts to prevent overspending, stay aware of how much each shift costs depending on the position or specific employee, and predict your entire labor cost for the period.

Put away the calculator and close your spreadsheet tabs. Manage employee schedules, track overtime hours, and monitor labor trends, all within one platform. From pulling reports to forecasting weekly labor costs, Sling makes it easy — all while seamlessly creating smart employee schedules.

Learn how to manage your labor costs with Sling

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