Labor costs

Labor costs are one of the largest expenses any business has to absorb. And since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, we’ve added the labor cost feature, so you can optimize your spending as you schedule.

With multiple features, including estimated wages, overtime, budgeting, and labor percentage, you can start minimizing labor costs today!

Estimated wages

Sling’s labor costs feature allows you to set wages per employee or position. If wages are set by the individual, set each employee’s wages on their profile. If wages are set by the job, add wages to the position instead.

With estimated wages, see how much each shift or employee is costing you and what your labor costs are per time period.


Overtime pay can drive up your labor costs. Well, not anymore! Sling helps you avoid potential overtime situations before they affect labor costs.

Whenever you’re about to schedule someone into overtime, you get a notification and have the chance to make changes. You can also see how many overtime hours you've scheduled and how much they’re costing your business.


Keeping track of your labor budget can produce a substantial amount of savings, widen margins, and increase profits.

With Sling, set how much you want to spend on labor or how many hours you want to schedule per week in each location. Once you hit the limit, you’ll be notified so you can adjust your schedules accordingly.

Labor percentage

When thinking of labor costs, it’s not enough to simply look at the estimated wages. Viewing labor as a percentage of total sales is the best way to ensure your budgets are always met.

On Sling, you can set your labor percentage target and monitor how each shift contributes to that number. To do this, simply estimate sales for each day of the week or update the projected sales for each location throughout the day—right from your calendar!


Sling helps you better analyze your labor costs via reports. Pull reports from any of the functions of the labor costs feature! You can even view reports by day, week, month, or for a customized time period.

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