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Schedule faster, communicate better, get things done.

Sling is built around four features: shifts, tasks, messages and newsfeed, making it possible to organize and manage your work on a single platform.

Schedule faster

Copy schedules between days or weeks.
Drag and drop shifts to copy, so you do less and achieve more. Create templates and copy them into the future.

Eliminate conflicts

Avoid schedule conflicts with up-to-date employee availability and time off requests. Get notified of overlapping shifts or double-booking.

Keep labor costs in check

Estimate and optimize your spending as you schedule, input projected sales to get your labor percentage, and avoid exceeding your labor budget or scheduling overtime.

Track actual hours

Let your employees clock in and out for their shifts right from their phones. Enable geofencing and prevent early clock-ins.

Export timesheets for payroll

Review and edit employees' hours and export timesheets for simple payroll processing.

Get notified

Reduce no-shows and get everyone to work on time. Notify employees of available shifts, and receive notifications when someone picks them up.

Stay on top of things

Take your work with you anywhere - create and edit shifts on the go, approve exchanges and requests before getting to your desk.

Customize your view

Choose between day, week or month mode.
Sort shifts by start time, employee, location or position, and work with the entire schedule, or apply filters to find your perfect view.

No matter the size of your business, Sling helps you to organize your employees' work schedules.

Communicate better

Send messages to groups or individuals. Easily
reach employees within groups, locations or
specific positions. Share anything you like, files,
photos, videos or links.

Keep everyone informed

Set up pages on your newsfeed for any purpose you like.
Share updates, files, pictures and videos, or add RSS feeds
from your preferred websites for everyone to enjoy.
Create your own social space – interact... have fun.

Get things done

Assign tasks and follow their progress.
Create to-do lists for yourself or your employees.
Set due dates and get reminded as the dates approach.

Sling reduces the time it takes to create and manage schedules and helps managers to bring teams together, keep everyone informed and build better company culture.

Works from anywhere

Sling is available everywhere you work - on Web, iOS and Android, so you and your team are always in sync wherever you are.

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