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From scheduling to payroll, Sling makes it possible to organize and manage all your work from a single platform.

Shift scheduling

No matter the size of your business, Sling helps you organize your employees' work schedules. Sling makes employee scheduling easy by displaying employees’ unavailability and time off requests, alerting you of any conflicts, so you can get scheduling done accurately, quickly and efficiently. It lets you avoid doing the work from scratch every time, by allowing you to save schedules into templates and load them in the future with a click of a button.

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Time and attendance

Simplify your time-tracking process with the time clock feature on Sling. No paper time sheets, punch cards, or even fixed terminals required! Cut costs for your business, record accurate clock ins, outs, and breaks, and more importantly, reduce headaches for managers. Edit and approve timesheets and export payroll reports for seamless payroll processing.

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Labor cost optimization

Labor costs are one of the largest expenses any business has to absorb. And since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, we’ve built the labor cost feature, so you can optimize your spending as you schedule. Set weekly labor budgets for your locations, preferred hours and overtime thresholds for your employees, and get alerted of any access. Add wages, and monitor how much each shift is costing you, and keep an eye on your labor spent per period.

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Analyze and understand your labor data by pulling reports for a day, week or month, or for customizable periods. Make adjustments for the future and drive your business forward. Use Reports to keep track of Labor Statistics, Payroll Calculations, Attendance, Time Off requests, and more.


Let Sling help you track your employees’ PTO! Cap paid time off by leave types that your business supports, and approve incoming requests based on the remaining allowances. Your employees will be able to see how much PTO they have taken too, and request future time off based on what they still have left!


Communicate more efficiently from a single platform! Send messages to groups or individuals, keep everyone informed and build a better company culture. Easily reach employees within groups, locations or specific positions and get notified of their responses in real time. Share anything you like, files, photos, videos or links, and avoid the need for additional work tools.


Share news efficiently and save some paper too! Set up pages to distribute information to specific groups of people within your team. Post updates, files, pictures and videos, create your own social space, - all within the same platform where employees come to check their schedule!


Assign tasks and follow their progress. Create to-do lists for yourself or your employees. Set due dates and get reminded as the dates approach.

Built for your industry

By automating processes and centralizing workplace communications, Sling can make just about any organization run smoother.

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