Simplify employee scheduling and get back to business

Use your time for what really matters. Instead of chasing down availability and following up on time-off requests, spend your time taking your business to the next level. Sling’s flexible workforce management tools are built for your industry, no matter your team size or structure.

Sling is trusted by tens of thousands of customers just like you

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Best scheduling app

…it is very user friendly, with more features than I can name here. The team is alerted to upcoming shifts, can schedule themselves off, it just works very well.

Bob P
President & Consultant

Built with you in mind

The way we work is changing. Customers, clients and employees are all demanding more from the companies they interact with. Be a part of the movement with employee scheduling, communication, time tracking and more. So when the next change comes, you’ll be ready.


Serve up success and keep your team—and your customers—satisfied.


From brick to click, Sling is ready for your next flash sale.


Leave a lasting impression on your team. Your patrons will be glad you did.


Only the best management tools for your team of heroes.

Events & Entertainment

Lights, camera… You’re ready for action.

Call centers

Answer the call with efficiency and keep your clients happy.


You understood the assignment. Lower absenteeism and costs.


Rewarding ease of use for your team’s rewarding work.

Emergency services

Quick and effective employee management is your newest action plan.

Construction & Labor

Measure twice, cut once, with multi-location support and task assignments.

Health & Fitness

Give your team the tools to be their best selves.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Active employees make for active stock. Manage labor costs and time on the clock.


With shift and schedule templates, you’ll have your operation on lock.

Cleaning services

With shift swaps and the best communication tools, your team won’t miss a spot.

Banking & Finance

Help your greatest assets manage your members’ and clients’ accounts.

Help desk

Keep your team’s bandwidth strong and close more tickets, faster.

Award-winning employee scheduling software

Life saver

As someone who runs multiple group homes with multiple clients at each location all with there own staff. This platform has saved me so much time, effort and money.

Unlock your team’s potential

You’ve put in the work to find and hire a great team. Now it’s time to see what they can do, with efficient shift scheduling, time tracking, communication and so much more.

What can Sling help you save?

Your company size


Average employee hours


Average employee wage


Easiest management application

This app/website is so easy to use and helpful for getting out info to all your employees.

Businesses of every size and shape choose Sling to get the job done.

“Sling drastically reduced the amount of time I spend scheduling. I post weekly schedule in minutes and it replicates to future weeks. No more do I need to create schedules from scratch. Additionally, I can make updates from anywhere. This is critical for my team since it runs 24/7/365.”

Kenneth Taylor

Supervisor of the System Operations,

“Staffing is a breeze. It is so simple, staff apply and we accept! It’s straightforward. It’s easy. It’s amazing. The support is better than any other company I have experienced - personal and incredible.”

Oliver Gerrard

IT Manager,
The Arches

“Sling is a flexible scheduling platform that works for a wide variety of businesses – from bars and cafes to fine dining restaurants. Sling gives the ability to customize the platform to best fit each concept, while also providing easy to use communication features and time tracking."

Bradley Knebel

Assistant Manager,
The Market Line

"Sling is a huge time saver! And it’s so intuitive to use - no learning gaps. I plan to implement it in all of my future locations. I have been sharing it with others in the industry too, and I don’t usually promote products, but this is just really good!"

Craig Thompson

Franchise Owner,

"With Sling we were able to provide our team with more control and flexibility over their schedule. And, by having employee availability, time off requests and the restaurant's needs all in one location, we were able to significantly simplify the scheduling process for management."

Ryan Middleton

Larry's II

“Sling provides a consistent view of all schedules, both to all management and staff. It also allows us to predict labor costs, warn of overtime, and easily make adjustments. It not only has made us more efficient, but it actually saves time in creating the schedules.”

Eddie Dyer

Owner and Managing Partner,
Vessel NOLA

"Sling has been a great organizational tool for our restaurant! It allows me to easily arrange schedules, keeping up with our staff's different requests, and serves as a platform for all internal communication."

Lee Weiss

Assistant General Manager,
The Musket Room

Frequently asked questions

Why is employee scheduling important?

Employee scheduling is an essential and sometimes complex part of managing any team that works in shifts. Using an employee scheduling software like Sling can greatly increase your team’s efficiency, giving you time back to focus on running your business.

I have multiple locations, can I use Sling?

Yes! It’s easy to add multiple locations to your Sling account. Whether your business has one or 100 locations, Sling works for you. You can even filter schedules, shifts, communication and reports by location.

Will Sling work for my industry?

If you own a business or manage a team of employees that works in shifts, then Sling the employee scheduling tool for your industry. The flexibile schedule templates and seamless communication in the app allow you to use Sling however works best for you.

What platforms does Sling work on?

Sling is available everywhere you work—on the web, iOS and Android. Use Sling on your desktop or laptop to create employee schedules, and use the mobile app to make changes, approve requests and communicate with employees on the go.

Get started today

Schedule faster, communicate better, get things done.

Smarter scheduling in just a few easy steps

Start your free account

Scheduling with Sling is free for teams of up to 50. Plus, you’ll get two free weeks of all our features to help you get started. No credit card required.

Invite your employees to join

Sling is better with your team! Invite employees to join you in the app dashboard or by email.

Build your first schedule

See your schedule come to life in just minutes. Color code your shifts, and automatically notify your team when you publish your schedule.

Scheduling is only the start.

Shift scheduling with Sling is free for up to 50 users. But that’s only the beginning of what you can accomplish. Sling comes with a 15-day free trial so you can choose the plan that works best for your needs.

Bill monthly

Bill annually

Save 15%

For up to 50 users


Unlock your team’s potential with easy-to-use scheduling and communication features.


Key features

  • Shift scheduling

    Organize and manage employee work schedules

  • Time-off requests

    Approve or deny employee requests for time off

  • Available shifts

    Easily see which shifts still need to be filled

  • News sharing

    Share news with your team through targeted pages

  • Long-term scheduling

    Build employee schedules months in advance

  • Private messaging

    Communicate with employees one-on-one

Plus many others


Take it to the next level by adding tools for tracking time and optimizing labor costs.


per user per month

Key features

  • Mobile time tracking

    Accurately clock in and out of shifts from a moble device

  • Labor cost management

    Keep track of your labor costs and compare against sales

  • Overtime tracking

    Track, analyze and prevent excessive overtime

  • Private and group messaging

    Communicate with employees in private or group conversations

  • Calendar synchronization

    Keep track of your scheduled shifts on any calendar app

Plus everything in Free



Understand your labor data, pull reports for payroll, and run your business efficiently!


per user per month

Key features

  • Kiosk time tracking

    Use a shared device for employees to clock in and out

  • Reports

    View reports of total hours worked and wages earned

  • No-shows

    Track and manage shifts employees miss

  • Sick call-outs

    Track and manage employee sick call-outs

  • PTO management

    Approve and track paid time off requests

Plus everything in Premium

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