Employee Breaks

Take a break—Sling makes sure your employees are taking theirs.

Sling employee breaks automatically ensure your employees are resting
Employee breaks make sure your employees are resting

Make sure your employees are resting

Your employees work hard. Sling helps you make sure your team is well rested, with enough break time per shift, while keeping your business in line with local rest and break laws.

Rest assured that you’re in compliance

You deserve a break—never worry about rest and break time compliance again. Tell Sling exactly how many breaks your employees should receive per shift, when they should get them, and how long each should be. Sling takes care of the rest.

Set customizable rules for employee breaks

Set it and forget it

You tell Sling how many, how long and what type of breaks to assign to shifts. Sling does all the rest, including scheduling, reporting and affirming employees actually took their breaks.

Breaks aren’t just healthy—they’re the law

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    People forget things sometimes. But if your employees forget to record taking a break, it could put your business at risk. Require attestation at the end of a shift if an employee forgets to clock out for a break and keep your business out of trouble.

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    Speaking of forgetting, wouldn’t it be easier if employees were automatically reminded about breaks? Sling sends push and/or SMS notifications when a break is about to start or end. So you can stop chasing your employees to remind them yourself.

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    Meal and rest breaks can vary in length and frequency depending on the type of business you’re running. Set the rules for your employees’ breaks and customize how many, how often, and what kind need to be taken. Sling takes care of the scheduling and reminding.

Life is better with Sling

Depending on where your business is located, you may be subject to labor laws dictating minimum break times. Take the pressure of remembering to enforce your break policy off yourself and leave it to Sling. You’ll save so much time, you might just be able to take a break yourself.

Built for your industry

By automating processes and centralizing workplace communications, Sling can make just about any organization run smoother.

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