Employee breaks

Take a break — Sling helps you make sure you’re on the right side of employee break laws.

Employee taking a break

Thousands of businesses like yours use Sling to handle their employee scheduling.

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Schedule the right amount of break time

Schedule the right amount of break time

Help keep your business in compliance and employees well-rested.

  • Schedule custom-length breaks per shift

  • Assign meal and/or rest breaks per type of shift

shift scheduling complianceshift scheduling compliance

Get help meeting employee break laws

Tools to help you with compliance for break laws at work.

  • Enter how many breaks your employees need, and how often

  • Make sure your business is assigning the right amount of break time

  • Require staff to acknowledge whether they took or missed a break

  • Allocate a premium pay rate for missed breaks

Automatically assign breaks for employees

Automatically assign breaks for employees

Set the rules for employee breaks at work and let Sling schedule them for you.

  • Automate meal and rest breaks to be applied to shifts

  • Rest easy knowing breaks are assigned to employees’ shifts

Remind employees of upcoming breaksRemind employees of upcoming breaks

Remind employees of upcoming breaks

No more chasing down employees to remind them of breaks.

  • Alert employees when it’s time to take a break

  • Remind employees to come back from a break when time is up

Best roster software out there

The best roster software I have used. It just works. It works for Managers and supervisors, it works for staff.

Employee break reminders

You’ve got better things to do than chase down employees to remind them of their breaks.

Employee break tracking

Run reports on the amount of time spent on break, the number of missed breaks, and more.

Instantly tally and sync employee timesheets

Customizable employee breaks

Set the frequency and duration of employee breaks in accordance with local labor laws.

More than just employee breaks software

Everything you need to manage employees and keep them coming back, all in one platform.

Highly recommend for small businesses.

Sling has been a great addition to our business and has helped all employees stay up to date. Would highly recommend.

Frequently asked questions

What are employee breaks?

Employee breaks are paid or unpaid downtime that occurs during an employee’s active work shift.

Why are employee breaks important?

Depending on your business’s location, employee breaks may be legally required for certain shifts.

How do I manage employee breaks?

Managing breaks for employees is simple when you use Sling to automatically assign them according to your rules.

Is Sling good for managing employee breaks?

Yes! Sling can help you by automatically assigning breaks to your employees’ shifts according to your rules.

Get started today

Schedule faster, communicate better, get things done.

Employee breaks software, and so much more

Maximize your business’s potential and increase profits with a full suite of employee management tools. Enjoy a 15-day free trial and see how much you can accomplish.

Bill monthly

Bill annually

Save 15%

For up to 50 users


Unlock your team’s potential with easy-to-use scheduling and communication features.


Key features

  • Shift scheduling

    Organize and manage employee work schedules

  • Time-off requests

    Approve or deny employee requests for time off

  • Available shifts

    Easily see which shifts still need to be filled

  • News sharing

    Share news with your team through targeted pages

  • Long-term scheduling

    Build employee schedules months in advance

  • Private messaging

    Communicate with employees one-on-one

Plus many others


Take it to the next level by adding tools for tracking time and optimizing labor costs.


per user per month

Key features

  • Mobile time tracking

    Accurately clock in and out of shifts from a moble device

  • Labor cost management

    Keep track of your labor costs and compare against sales

  • Overtime tracking

    Track, analyze and prevent excessive overtime

  • Private and group messaging

    Communicate with employees in private or group conversations

  • Calendar synchronization

    Keep track of your scheduled shifts on any calendar app

Plus everything in Free



Understand your labor data, pull reports for payroll, and run your business efficiently!


per user per month

Key features

  • Kiosk time tracking

    Use a shared device for employees to clock in and out

  • Reports

    View reports of total hours worked and wages earned

  • No-shows

    Track and manage shifts employees miss

  • Sick call-outs

    Track and manage employee sick call-outs

  • PTO management

    Approve and track paid time off requests

Plus everything in Premium

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It is very user-friendly, both for management to create and manage the schedule and for the staff to use it.