Time clock

Easily track employee hours and export timesheets for seamless payroll processing.

Turn any phone into time clock

Allow employees to clock in and out of their shifts right from their phones. Get notified when they are running late or forget to clock in.

Enable location-specific time clock

Ensure employees are in the right place when they are clocking in and out with dependable geofencing tools.

Export timesheets for payroll processing

Sling keeps track of your employees’ comings and goings so you don’t have to. Simply review the timesheets at the end of each pay period, edit and approve, and export timesheets for seamless payroll processing.

Prevent early clock-ins and forgotten clock-outs

Set limits to how early employees are able to clock in and automatically clock employees out if they forget to do it themselves to save labor costs and prevent time theft.

Built for your industry

By automating processes and centralizing workplace communications, Sling can make just about any organization run smoother.

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