About us

Since 2015 we've been helping businesses to simplify their operations. We love the work that we do and the team we get to do it with.

Our mission is to help as many businesses around the world to manage their most precious resource – employees.

Nothing excites us more than seeing customers from different industries discover the power of Sling, and watch them do their best work. Okay, positive feedback is a very close second :). But we’ll take any feedback – good or bad, it’s what powers our team to continue building and improving our product. 

Sling was founded in Reykjavik, Iceland by our CEO – Helgi Hermannsson, back in 2015. Shortly after, he opened an office in New York City to make sure that Sling, as a product, was built for the world, with the focus on the US market. Today, Sling is used by tens of thousands of businesses from over 30 industries across 150 countries, and in every single state of the United States.

We have a team of extremely talented individuals from 14 countries that work towards making Sling the employee scheduling platform of choice for SMBs around the world. And our unshakeable belief that the best is yet to come fuels our efforts every single day.