About us

We are passionate about solving big problems for small businesses.

A team of developers with years of experience in programming and design, we started Sling with a vision of maximizing mobility in non-desk industries and empowering employees who have yet to benefit from technology in the workplace.

We love what we do and enjoy nothing more than helping customers around the world to improve the way they work and communicate using Sling.

You’ll find us in two of the best places on earth: Reykjavik and New York City.

We are always looking for good people to join our team, if you are one of them please send us your stuff at contact@getsling.com .

Not only can you eat all the fruit at our offices - be it in Reykjavik or New York, but also enroll in our own snowboarding school run yearly by the CTO.

  • Enrolled: 21
  • Graduated: 19
  • Dropouts: 2