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3 Expert Tips For Improving Workplace Communication

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Effective workplace communication is an essential element of your business’s success. It doesn’t matter if that communication is between two people or twenty. Without good communication between team members, your business will suffer.

But even basic communication can be a difficult skill to put into practice and master.

In this article, we’ll help you understand why effective workplace communication is so important and discuss ways to help you improve the lines of communication in your business.

What Is Workplace Communication?

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The formal definition of communication is:

The act of exchanging information, ideas, and feelings through written or verbal means.

Workplace communication, then, is exchanging information according to the above definition in a business — rather than a personal — setting.

But that definition doesn’t incorporate the concept of effective communication. You can exchange information with a lot of words or with very few. But does the person to whom you’re trying to communicate understand the meaning of your message?

With effective workplace communication, your team will receive your message accurately, understand how it affects them, and know what to do next — no matter how many words you use.

Here’s how effective communication can improve vital aspects of your business.

Why Is Workplace Communication Essential For Success?

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1) It Improves Productivity

Productivity in the workplace suffers when your team members are confused about any number of variables.

But when you have good communication within your business, you can avoid that confusion and improve productivity in the process.

With a clear and concise message, you’ll be able to exchange information in such a way that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do after the first explanation.

That saves time and prevents your team members from becoming irritated and confused about poorly communicated instructions.

2) It Jump-Starts Innovation

Innovation relies on creativity. But that creativity won’t happen unless your employees feel free to express their ideas to others.

When your team members are reluctant to open up and be creative because of poor workplace communication practices, innovation will suffer.

If, on the other hand, you promote effective communication and keep the lines of discourse open between all individuals on the team, everyone will be more apt to pass their creative thoughts on to others.

A culture of creativity reinforces itself and jump-starts innovation in all areas of your business.

3) It Strengthens Teams

A strong team will produce strong results, be it in small ways or large. But how can you build the bonds between team members to achieve these results? With effective workplace communication.

When coworkers talk with each other (and you), bounce ideas off each other, consider novel opinions, and discuss their progress, they are more likely to pull together as one unit rather than a group of separate individuals.

Good communication makes a true “there’s-no-I-in-team” attitude possible.

3 Tips For Improving Workplace Communication

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1) Explain Assignments

Rather than simply doling out assignments and expecting your team to get right on it, take the time to explain why the activities you’ve given them are important.

Don’t assume that everyone knows why the task supports the rest of the project or where it fits into the overall plan.

When you say, “Do this because…” rather than just, “Do this,” you provide vital information about the reasons for a particular job and show the team why their work is valuable.

2) Keep Workflow Transparent

Successful projects depend on transparent workflow. Your team needs to know when the deadlines are, who is responsible for each link in the chain, and the small details that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Effective workplace communication helps ensure that each member of your team knows what’s going on at every step of the process and that they’re all on the same page.

This may take a significant amount of work before the project starts, but the results — a smooth-running and successful project — are well worth the effort.

3) Ensure That Everyone Understands Their Role

Similar to keeping the workflow transparent is ensuring that everyone understands their role within the project.

With good workplace communication, you can establish people in positions of responsibility right from the start. This helps to clarify who has final approval and make everyone aware of the proper channels the project needs to go through to reach completion.

Simplify Workplace Communication With The Right Tool

Sling app for workplace communication

In business, as in life, the right tool can mean the difference between success and failure, between strong team relationships and weak ones.

When it comes to workplace communication, the right tool should make everything easier. It should streamline team communication but also contribute in a large way to other vital aspects of your business, like scheduling, payroll, time tracking, and controlling labor costs.

The one tool that does all that and more is the Sling app. The powerful features built into the Sling suite of software can help you:

Sling’s communication features include cloud-based storage, Newsfeed, and Messages.

To make communication as efficient as possible, Sling stores all its data in the cloud. When you need to share a schedule, report, or template with a team member, simply give them permission and send them a link. They can then access that information anywhere, anytime.

Sling’s Newsfeed feature is based on familiar social media formats that let you post updates about your business in one place for all your team to see. You can set up different newsfeeds to provide information to one person, a specific group of people, or all your employees.

That’s powerful workplace communication for the 21st century.

Sling's Messages feature

And with Sling’s Messages feature, you can take advantage of push notifications to communicate more efficiently with multiple people from a single app. No more trying to force multiple communication platforms to work together.

Sling lets you send messages to individuals or groups, optimize your workforce, and build a stronger business culture — all in real-time so you can get more done during your busy workday.

All of that within the same app that helps you build schedules, manage overtime, and keep your business on budget. That’s a powerful tool for effective workplace communication and workforce management.

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