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Easily create accurate schedules and manage your labor costs stress-free.

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Create new employee schedules in minutes

Creating employee schedules is easy with our schedule maker. Create them from scratch or copy entire schedules between weeks. Build your employee schedules in minutes and manage time off, availability and shift trade requests with just a few clicks.

Save employee schedules as templates

Don’t want to build a new schedule every time? With the shift schedule template feature on Sling, you can save schedules into templates to reuse in the future with the click of a button, saving you hours of tedious work.

Easily work around employee availability

Schedule employees around their time off and availability to ensure your schedules are accurate and aren’t likely to change.

Let employees create their schedules

Save yourself time by displaying available shifts and letting employees claim them. Employees can pick shifts on a first come, first served basis or you can approve them yourself. Either way, Sling instantly updates any changes so you always know what’s going on.

Minimize employee scheduling errors

Avoid double-booking employees or leaving gaps in your employee schedules. With the schedule maker in Sling, you can easily recognize uncovered shifts and be automatically notified of scheduling conflicts.

View and approve schedule changes in real-time

Stay up to date with employee schedule requests and manage any changes directly from your smartphone. That way you can handle them as they come up without waiting to review them all at once.

Build employee schedules with a few clicks while managing cost of labor

  • Increase accuracy with Sling

    Save hours creating new schedules

    Online scheduling software is crucial to streamlining your business. Whether you are using the schedule template feature or designing schedules from scratch, Sling is guaranteed to save you time. Our easy-to-use platform helps you create accurate schedules with just a few clicks, while also monitoring your labor costs.

  • Customize with Sling

    Control your labor spending from day one

    Efficiently monitor the cost of each shift with Sling. By setting employee wages by position or individual, it’s easy to track how much each shift is costing you and have an estimate of your weekly labor spending. You can also view your costs as a percentage of sales and set goals to keep your labor costs within budget as you build each schedule.

  • location pin

    Always know who’s working when and from where

    Your schedule displays a clear overview of your week, so you can quickly monitor employees’ days off and availability, shift changes and staffing data for each location. With the help of our geofencing capabilities, attendance notifications, and smart schedule-making technology, you can keep track of every element of your schedule.

Make life easier for your and your employees

Creating schedules on Sling saves you time, money, and stress. Plus, your employees will love it! You can easily work around their time off and availability while keeping your entire team up to date with any schedule changes in the same place. Have to open earlier than expected? Your employees will appreciate the heads up before they get on the road.

It only takes a few minutes to make each schedule, and with Sling, you know that each one is accurate. Now you can build your schedules around employee time off and availability and avoid scheduling conflicts. You can also track your overtime hours and quickly see just how much each shift costs as you create each schedule.

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