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How To Have A Positive Attitude And Enjoy Work In 8 Easy Steps

As managers, we tend to focus on more tangible or visible aspects of our businesses, like marketing, advertising, inventory, and payroll. But equally important — if not more important — are the intangibles, such as efficiency and positive attitude.

In this article, the management experts at Sling discuss 8 ways to boost both your attitude and the attitude of your team members.

8 Steps To A Positive Attitude In The Workplace

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1) Run An Efficient Work Environment

Nothing saps a positive attitude faster than chaos in the workplace. But you can counteract this drain on optimism by running an efficient work environment.

Efficiency keeps everything running smoothly so there are fewer problems and less stress to deal with throughout the workday. When there’s less stress, it’s much easier for you and your team to maintain a good attitude.

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2) Hire Positive People

The best way to start building a positive atmosphere in your business is by hiring positive people. Finding the best person for a specific job goes beyond simply identifying the right skills. It also includes their temperament, their outlook on life, and the way they work with others.

Hiring individuals with “soft skills” that fit the way your team works can go a long way toward improving the attitude in your business.

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3) Establish A Productive Work/Life Balance

Establishing and maintaining a productive work/life balance for you and your team members makes it easier to sustain a positive attitude.

Be sure to provide enough breaks throughout the day to keep your employees energized, happy, and positive. And schedule enough time off throughout the workweek to allow your employees the time necessary to attend to their personal lives and recharge their batteries.

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4) Try An Alternative Work Schedule

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One excellent way to find a work/life balance, and build and improve your and your team’s attitude in the process, is to try an alternative work schedule.

Everyone is familiar with the standard 9-to-5 work schedule, but there are so many others that might fit your business better, including:

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5) Include Positivity Training In Your Onboarding Process

Even if you hire positive people for your team, it’s vital to include positivity training as part of your onboarding process. This will reinforce everyone’s drive — long-term employees and new-hires alike — to maintain a good attitude come what may.

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6) Build A Diverse Team

When you hire with diversity in mind, you provide more skill, more talent, and more experience for your team and your business.

This translates into higher productivity, increased motivation, improved employee performance, and, yes, a more positive attitude.

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7) Stay Organized

Remember the chaos we talked about in point number one above? That disruption in the smooth operation of your business manifests itself on a personal level as disorganization and can have a profound effect on your own positive attitude.

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8) Encourage Group Cohesion

Whether you’re building a team for the first time or working to improve the unity in an existing team, encouraging group cohesion will also help you generate a positive atmosphere in your business.

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Schedule Your Team To Be More Positive And Productive

Sling's Scheduling feature

If you want to have and promote a positive attitude in your workplace, and be more productive in the process, use Sling to create the perfect work schedule for your team.

Sling simplifies and streamlines every aspect of the scheduling process — from who works when, where, and in what job to labor expenses, payroll, and overtime — giving you more time (and energy) to focus on building and maintaining a positive atmosphere in your business.

Sling mobile app

Not only is Sling an extremely powerful and versatile scheduling app, but it’s also a mobile time clock, labor-cost analyzer, intra-business messaging system, newsfeed manager, and employee task list all rolled into one easy-to-use package.

You can even use one Sling account to schedule employees across multiple locations. Add in the onboard A.I. that notifies you when there’s a scheduling conflict or you missed a request for time off, and you’ve got the perfect system for managing your employees.

And when you’re happy with the schedule and your team members are happy with the schedule, it’s much easier to maintain a positive attitude throughout the workday.

Sling scheduling feature with conflict notification

The Sling app is free, easy to use, and will help you spend your time more efficiently so you can concentrate on building the intangible aspects of your team, your management style, and your business as a whole.

For more free resources to help you manage your business better, organize and schedule your team, and track and calculate labor costs, visit GetSling.com today.

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