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9 Best Employee Time Tracking Software And Apps In 2024

An employee time tracking app can be a valuable tool regardless of the type or size of business you operate.

Incorporating such an app into your workflow can help you maintain employee productivity, streamline the payroll process, bill clients more accurately, and stay within the bounds of labor compliance.

There are a number of great software options on the market, but some stand out above the rest. In this article, we discuss the top employee time tracking apps and software so you can choose the right one for your team and your business.

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Top employee time tracking apps

1) Sling

employee time tracking app - Sling

Source: GetSling.com

Sling is a full-featured employee time tracking app designed specifically with you, the busy manager, in mind. The foundation of the Sling app is its easy-to-use calendar view, built-in time clock, and cloud-based interface.

With just those three tools, you and your team can:

And that’s just the tip of the Sling iceberg.

Sling comes with other intuitive and useful features, such as employee and task color coding, advanced reports, time-off notices, and full-day and individual-task time tracking.

Sling even includes advanced communication tools that allow you to quickly and easily notify your team about no-shows and available shifts so that all work is covered.

The software is available on the web for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops running iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows, and includes a free, Premium, or Business option.

Sling comes with a 15-day free trial of the full product, after which scheduling and other basic features are free. You can create a free Sling account here.

2) Clockify

employee time tracking app - Clockify

Source: Clockify.me

Clockify is an open-source employee time tracking app that can work for businesses with on-site and remote users.

The software has a range of features, including time tracking, reporting, and invoicing. Clockify also integrates with a number of popular apps, such as Slack, Trello, and Asana.

Clockify is available via web browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), desktop app (Mac, Windows, Linux), or mobile app (iOS, Android) and can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

3) ClockShark

employee time tracking app - Clockshark

Source: Clockshark.com

ClockShark is time tracking software designed for field service businesses and their remote employees.

Managers know that it can be challenging to keep track of where their workers are and how their work is progressing. That’s why some businesses are switching to an employee time tracking app that their teams can use when they’re on the go.

ClockShark comes with a number of features that are specifically designed for businesses whose employees work outside the office, such as GPS tracking and timesheets that can be filled out offline.

Clockshark is available for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops running iOS, Android, and Windows.

4) Paymo

employee time tracking app - Paymo

Source: Paymoapp.com

Looking for an employee time tracking app designed to track complex projects? Consider Paymo. Its user interface comes with features and tools that allow your team to track work hours for the projects to which you assign them.

You also get other project management tools, including task management and timesheets that can be broken down by category, task, job, and other increments.

Paymo is available on the web through a variety of devices and operating systems.

5) TimeCamp

employee time tracking app - timecamp

Source: Timecamp.com

With TimeCamp, you and your employees can log work hours automatically or manually to ensure that everything from payroll to customer billing is done with as much accuracy as possible.

And, when it comes to project management, TimeCamp provides data to analyze performance and help your team stay on track and work toward the same goal. TimeCamp also offers integrations with software you may already be using in your business.

Like other entries on this list, TimeCamp is available on the web via a variety of devices and operating systems and can be accessed through their website, Google Play, or the App Store.

6) Toggl Track

employee time tracking app - toggl track

Source: Toggl.com

The Toggl Track app is software that can work for businesses large and small in a variety of industries.

With Toggl Track, your employees get access to such features as one-click start and stop as well as the ability to sync numbers across multiple platforms.

You also get billing and invoicing controls, project budgeting, reporting options, and payroll tools to help you manage your team.

Toggl Track is available on the web and via mobile and desktop apps through Google Play and the App Store.

7) RescueTime

employee time tracking app rescuetime

Source: Rescuetime.com

RescueTime is an app centered on your team’s calendar and workday that tracks time and can also serve as a personal productivity assistant.

The software can assess individual work styles, work schedules, and other data points to help you and your team stay on track and headed toward the end goal.

You and your team also get access to tools that can minimize distractions that might pop up during the day.

RescueTime is available on the web or through Google Play and the App Store.

8) Replicon

employee time tracking app - Replicon

Source: Replicon.com

With Replicon, you and your team can automatically capture time and work data across a variety of apps and collaboration tools so you can see when and how your employees are working.

Replicon also offers tools that can help you manage workforce productivity, control project profitability, and eliminate the busy-work of filling out paper timesheets come payday.

Replicon is available on the web, Google Play, and the App Store.

9) Everhour

employee time tracking app - everhour

Source: Everhour.com

Everhour includes features such as time tracking, reporting and analysis, billing and budgeting, and basic task management.

You can also view your team’s schedule in such a way that you can see how busy someone is or what their availability might be in the near future.

The app can be used to track work-related expenses, use costs in project budgets, and create invoices based on tracked time and expenses.

You can access Everhour on the web and through Google Play or the App Store.

Employee time tracking software for restaurants

Employee time tracking software for restaurants

While many employee time tracking software will work in a pinch, managers of successful restaurants know that what they really need is an app that is tailored to the unique needs of their industry.

So, before you settle for the first app you find, dig a bit deeper until you discover an app that will help you with time tracking and the many other aspects of your operation that depend on employee activity, productivity, and organization.

Look for employee time tracking software — like Sling — that is specifically designed for the food industry.


The right employee time tracking app for your business

The right employee time tracking app for your business

When choosing an employee time tracking app, it’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements.

Sure, you might not need more advanced features right now, but as your business grows, it’s always beneficial to have options at the ready to prevent speed bumps and bottlenecks from slowing down your workflow.

Select a software that makes it easy to track, organize, and optimize complicated tasks like maintaining and accessing employee documents, monitoring labor compliance, and coordinating employee breaks.

And, if you choose an app that works in the cloud, your team will be set and ready to access the data they need on a wide array of devices and operating systems, wherever the job may take them.

Don’t wait for problems to arise before looking for solutions. Plan ahead with the right employee time tracking app and you’ll be ready to guide your team and your business to the next level.

For more free resources to help you manage your business better, organize and schedule your team, and track and calculate labor costs, visit GetSling.com today.

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