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As a manager, you face an endless list of detail-oriented tasks. From maintaining inventory to managing multiple employees to creating and executing a marketing strategy—your day is full! Who’s got time for calculating time cards or researching the best time card calculators? You may feel this way about the process, but getting everything ready for payroll is an integral part of making your business successful.

So what’s a busy manager to do? Count on your fingers? Rely on the old pencil-and-paper method? Heavens no! This is the 21st century! Calculating time cards should be done on a computer. But within that basic do-it-on-a-computer framework, there’s a wide range of options to suit every preference and business need. These options are divided into three categories:

  • Do-it-yourself time card calculators
  • Online time card calculators
  • Software time card calculators

The experts at will show you what you need to know about time card calculators in general, and give you the best options in each group. Let’s start with the DIY approach.

Do-It-Yourself Time Card Calculators

Best time card calculators

Do-it-yourself time card calculators are for those who like to know every little detail about the math involved in calculating a time card. This is possible because you actually build the calculator from scratch using a program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. If the DIY option appeals to you, here are two resources you can use to get started.

1. How To Create A Basic Time Card Calculator | Step by Step Instructions

This is the simplest time card calculator you can build on your own. It’s not terribly involved and you only need to know the rudimentary features of Excel.

  1. In column A, type the days of the work week.
  2. Highlight cells B1 (next to Monday) through the last day of your work week. This will be the time work started.
  3. Right click on your selection, left click on Format Cells, left click on Time, and choose the format that works best for you.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the cells in column C. This will be the time work ended.
  5. In cell D1, type the formula =SUM(C1-B1)24.
  6. Copy this formula into all the cells in column D that correspond to a work day.
  7. In cell H1, type the hourly pay.
  8. In cell E1, type the formula =SUM(D2$H$1).
  9. Copy this formula into all the cells in column E that correspond to a work day.
  10. In a cell in column D a few rows below your last work day, type the formula =SUM(D2:D8). This will calculate the total hours worked for the week.
  11. In the cell right below the one you used in step 10, type the formula =SUM(E2:E8). This will calculate the total pay for the work week.

That’s it. You’ve got your own time card calculator! Save this simple version, then tweak the format, formulas, and other details to better fit your work schedule.

2. Time Card Calculator Templates

Sample time card calculator templateSource:

If you still like the thought of being able to peek behind the curtain to see what’s going on, or to tailor the calculator to satisfy your needs, a time card calculator template might be just the thing. Over at, they offer free templates for every different work schedule imaginable. And if you don’t find the perfect fit among their many downloads, you can always tweak one that’s almost right. It may take more time than the online and software options we’ve listed below, but the control the do-it-yourself and template options offer is unparalleled.

The Best Time Card Calculators Online

Many of the online time card calculators on this list are free to use. They may not have all the features of the DIY or software options, but they’ll do for basic time card calculating. There are some online time card calculators that offer the same deep functions that software calculators do, but these versions are often only available for a price. The nice thing about online calculators (be they free or pay-to-use) is that they are available anywhere, anytime as long as you have a computer (or a mobile device) and an internet connection. Here are some excellent options.

1. TimeCard

TimeCard programSource:

TimeCard from offers a simple interface and added functionality like lunch, overtime, time off, and sick/vacation variables.

2. Free Time Card Calculator

Free Time Card CalculatorSource:

Redcort Software has produced a no-frills, extremely-easy time card calculator for everyone to use. It offer start time, end time, break deduction, and totals—that’s it. Sometimes, though, that’s all you need (or want) from your time card calculator. Intuitive and basic, but it gets the job done.

3. Time Card Calculator With Total Pay

Best free time card calculators


Like the other options in the online category, the calculator produced by is quite basic. It does, however, include an option to enter an hourly pay rate. The calculator will then produce total pay based on the hours worked for the week. Cool!

4. Online Time Card Hours Calculator

Online time card hours calculatorSource: offers a nifty online time card hours calculator that allows you to customize your experience to better fit your needs. You can:

  • Choose the day on which your work week begins.
  • Calculate pay with overtime.
  • Round hours to tenths, hundredths, or thousandths
  • Save your setting for the next time you use the site.

It also makes available a helpful instruction document in case you’re new to dealing with time cards.

Software Time Card Calculators

The main difference between an online calculator and a software calculator is you download the latter directly to your computer. This means you can only use the calculator on one computer (unless you pay for a multi-computer license). Software time card calculators typically offer a whole host of advanced features that free online versions do not. Again, it all depends on what you need to make your payroll run smoothly. Check out these options.

1. TimeTrak

TimeTrak program


TimeTrak is a full-featured software suite that offers more than just time card calculating. You can also harness labor analytics, benefit accrual tracking, and hardware for every situation. The TimeTrak software even gives you the option of working from the cloud which can give you the access of an online calculator with the full-functionality of a native program.

2. ShopClock



ShopClock is a powerful set of tools that allow you to maintain and process employee time sheets. When employees clock in and clock out using ShopClock, the software pretty much does everything else. All you have to do is review and approve the hours worked. Then you can print the information or forward it to your payroll processor. You can even try ShopClock for for free to see if it fits into your workflow.

3. RealTime

time card calculator program


Like TimeTrak, RealTime by Sundial Timekeeping offers, not just time card calculating, but hardware and reporting options as well. RealTime also includes such advanced features as:

  • Job costing
  • Accruals
  • Employee self service
  • Overtime Differentials

And like ShopClock, you can try out their software before you buy.

4. TimeTrax PC

TimeTrax PC


TimeTrax PC from Pyramid Time Systems integrates simply into your existing workflow. First, employees punch in or out on a stand-alone computer and second, the TimeTrax software immediately logs that information to your database. That’s it! You are then free to utilize the software to modify and print all manner of reports for payroll and productivity use. TimeTrax accommodates 50 to 100 employees and can even interface with major payroll systems.

It All Starts With Scheduling

As great as a time card calculator can be at making your managerial life easier, the real magic lies at the very beginning of the process: scheduling. If you thought calculating time cards was complicated, scheduling multiple employees for multiple shifts is going to push you over the edge. Thankfully, there’s a software solution that transforms the scheduling process from a chaotic mess into an organized masterpiece. That solution is Sling.

Sling is designed specifically for a scheduling process, so all of its tools are aimed at simplifying this task. Sling is built around four unique features:

  • Shifts
  • Messages
  • Newsfeed
  • Tasks

The Sling Shifts feature contains all the intuitive tools you’d expect from an app that’s dedicated to scheduling.

It even provides guidance, suggestions, and up-to-date availability and time-off requests to help you avoid conflicts. Sling even notifies you of overlapping shifts and double-bookings.

The Sling Messages and Newsfeed features make communication between you and your team a breeze. You don’t have to rely on phone calls, email, or some other third-party app to stay in touch.

You can communicate directly with your employees (and your employees can communicate with you) on Sling through push notifications. You can even share files, photos, videos, and links.

The Sling Tasks feature allows you to assign jobs to individuals or groups and follow their progress.

Tasks lets you create to-do lists and share them by name, group, location, or position. You can even set due dates and send reminders as deadlines approach.

Sling reduces the time it takes to create and manage schedules. Sling helps managers bring their team together, keep everyone informed, and build a better company culture. What more could you ask for in a free app!

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