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35 Creative Food Truck Ideas for Your Next Business Venture

If you want to start a mobile eatery in your area, one of the first steps is coming up with a creative food truck idea.

The fare you offer can go a long way toward making your business stand out from the rest, so take a good look around at the other mobile eateries in your area and choose a theme that hasn’t been done yet.

In this article, we discuss some of the most creative food truck ideas for your next business venture.

Effective food truck ideas

Food truck outside an office building

1) Hamburgers

Hamburgers — and their vegan and vegetarian cousins — are some of the most popular food truck ideas on the planet.

They’re relatively easy to cook and can be customized in a wide variety of ways to make your small business unique.

2) Funnel cakes

Funnel cakes top the list of food truck ideas because they’re an outdoor tradition that can’t be beat.

If other food trucks in your area serve a main course, consider offering this dessert/snack option instead.

3) Coffee/tea/hot chocolate

Offering gourmet coffee, tea, and hot chocolate from your food truck may be the perfect way to bring the people what they want — and need — most.

We’ve even seen coffee trucks function as a drive-thru option for busy commuters on the go.

4) Sushi bowls

Sushi bowls are an effective food truck idea because they have all the flavors and textures of regular sushi in an easy-to-eat-and-transport package.

5) Barbecue

A warm bun, a pile of meat, and a delicious sauce are all you may need for a winning food truck idea every time.

6) Churros

Looking for an easy snack food that can be customized with chocolate, cinnamon sugar, jam, cream cheese, or any number of other toppings? Churros may be the answer.

7) Cupcakes

Cupcakes are already one of the best portable desserts out there. Taking these treats to where your customers are — e.g., the beach, the boardwalk, or the business district — just makes good sense.

8) Grilled cheese

The ruler of all comfort food!

Offer gooey grilled cheese sandwiches (paired with roast beef, mushrooms, or a mix of unique cheeses) and watch the people line up to get their fix.

9) Sandwiches

 food truck ideas

Sandwiches are portable and can be made to order in a variety of unique and delicious ways. Consider specializing in one type of sandwich, or offer an extensive menu to appeal to everyone who walks by.

10) Fries

Another great addition to any list of food truck ideas is the fry.

Serve these the classic way — salted with a side of ketchup — or get creative with your toppings, and you may have yourself a winner.

11) Poke bowls

Pronounced PO-kay, this popular Hawaiian meal of rice, marinated fish, veggies, and yummy sauces can be a hit on the mainland as well.

12) Ice cream

Mobile ice cream vendors have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean your area isn’t primed for one of the best food truck ideas out there.

13) Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to blend healthy and not-so-healthy options into one unique business model.

14) Tacos

Whether you serve them in the traditional manner — shell, meat, and toppings — or go with the “walking” variety — meat, chips, and toppings in a bag or bowl — tacos may be the perfect idea for your area.

15) Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? Try selling it by the slice for a unique and delicious business model.

16) Crepes

Few foods are as flexible as the crepe. Pair them with fruit, chocolate, or even meat and cheese, and you’ve got yourself a sweet snack or a savory meal for all occasions.

17) Noodles

Thai noodles, Chinese noodles, Japanese noodles, Korean noodles, Vietnamese noodles, even Italian noodles — it doesn’t really matter which you choose, they’re a popular food truck fare wherever you may operate.

18) Lemonade

Drinks and food truck ideas

As food truck ideas go, cold drinks like lemonade are at the top of the list. Offer it in a unique way — e.g., flavored or frozen — and you’ve got yourself a winning business model.

19) Salads

Salads are no longer the sides they once were. Paired with the right toppings, they’re a meal in themselves and make for a very effective food truck idea.

20) Pitas

Pitas are the old-world equivalent of the taco shell and make Greek and Mediterranean food infinitely portable.

21) Charcuterie

Prepared meats, such as bacon, ham, and sausage, paired with cheeses and fruit can be a meal or a snack and make for a unique business concept that will stand out from the rest.

22) Empanadas

Tired of tacos and burritos? Bring Mexican food and fun to your customers with empanadas instead.

23) Donuts

Hungry pedestrians often buy donuts at all hours of the day. Park your food truck in a high-traffic area and watch the baked goods fly off the shelf.

24) Candy

Take the candy aisle out of the convenience store and onto the street with this unique business concept.

Pair packaged treats, like candy bars and suckers, with cotton candy and fizzy drinks for a food truck that will appeal to all ages.

25) Steak bites

What could be better than a bowl or bag of steak bites and a savory sauce for dipping? Nothing, if you ask us.

Plus, the smell of meat on the grill is often all the advertising you’ll need to have hungry patrons lining up for more.

26) Kebabs

If you like the convenience of steak bites but want to take it to the next level, consider the kebab.

Pair meat, mushrooms, and your choice of veggies on a skewer, grill until cooked, and serve with the dipping sauce of your choice for a fun and easy-to-eat treat.

27) Pretzels

Whether they’re hard or soft, salted or flavored, and served with cheese or chocolate, pretzels are a popular snack for diners of all ages.

28) Chicken and waffles

The chicken and waffle combination is so popular that many fast-food chains across the country have offered this fare at one time or another.

29) Corn dogs

This classic fair food is bursting at the seams with potential for your next food truck idea. Breaded meat on a stick that’s easy to eat? What more could hungry diners on the go want?

30) Candy apples

Candy apples are a classic fall food, but you can offer them year-round with this memorable — and delicious — business model.

31) Hot dogs

Hot Dog food truck ideas

Hot dogs aren’t just for the ballpark anymore. Gourmet dogs with plenty of fixin’s are all the rage right now and will have hungry pedestrians saying, “Hot dog! It’s the hot dog truck!”

32) Pizza

Few things get taste buds watering faster than pizza. Keep your toppings simple or get creative with every slice for a concept that’s ready for success.

33) Chili

Chili can be customized in so many different ways that you might need two food trucks to handle them all.

Serve it with beans, without beans, over spaghetti noodles, or mix in corn chips for a satisfying crunch. Either way, it’s a portable meal that’s perfect for a mobile eatery.

34) Fried shrimp

Fried shrimp is popular everywhere — in both coastal and inland areas from Maine to Oregon and North Dakota to Texas.

When they’re fried, served in a paper cup, and paired with a variety of dipping sauces, they may just be a winning idea.

35) Fish sandwich

This combines the appeal of fresh fish with the portability and convenience of the sandwich.

Efficient management is essential for success

Burger from a food truck

After you settle on a food truck idea, make a business plan, and roll out to your first location, the next big step is ensuring that everything operates smoothly and successfully.

Whether you’re running the show by yourself or you have a handful of employees, managing and optimizing your schedule and your staff is the foundation of a strong business.

The Sling app can help.

With Sling, you can schedule faster, communicate better, and organize and manage your workforce from a single, integrated platform. And, when you use Sling for all of your scheduling needs, you’ll have more time to focus on bringing your food truck idea to life.

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