Multiple work locations

Schedule employees across multiple locations on one account and view all schedules in one place.

Clock in from anywhere

Allow employees to clock in and out from any location by turning their phones into time clock. Get notified when they are running late or forget to clock in.

Rest easy with geofencing

Ensure that employees are clocking in and out from the location of the shift. That means no clocking in from the wrong workspace, and no working from the bed or couch – unless you’ve authorized it!

Provide directions to your locations

Make it easy for employees to double-check their routes when they are sent to work in a new location. Provide the address for each location on Sling and employees will see it when viewing their schedules.

Compare labor data across locations

Tally hours worked, and compare labor costs and labor % across locations to understand where you need to optimize.

Have location-specific communication

Set up pages and conversations for each of your locations so that employees are in the know about relevant information.

Create location-specific to-do lists

Assign tasks by location to ensure that employees are clear not only on the what but also the where.

Built for your industry

By automating processes and centralizing workplace communications, Sling can make just about any organization run smoother.

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