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Tips for running a successful business

23 Restaurant Marketing Tips To Win Your Market

Discover 23 of the best restaurant marketing tips and learn how you can harness online and offline channels to win your market.

The 15 Best Tip Jar Ideas For Your Business

This article lists 15 of the best tip jar ideas for your business.

What Twitter Moments Means for Small Businesses

Sling CEO discusses in a post on Adweek how a “Twitter Moment” can effect small Businesses.

Why a low-tech industry is going high-tech

When small changes can yield big results – businesses take note. Restaurants have warmed up to improving their “back of the house...

It’s time to kill the 9-to-5

Jessica Piha gets to work whenever she wants and leaves whenever she wants—really. “There’s really no set schedule,” said Piha,...

Take notice of filters!

Thank you for stopping by, We know you are busy, hence getting your schedules right might take some load off of your shoulders. So a…

3 Ways to Deal With Minimum Wage Increases

Minimum-wage laws continue to shift, with California set to raise its statewide rate to $15 an hour and New York on track to do the…

Sling: Icelandic startup wants to change face of labor management

Like many entrepreneurs, Helgi Hermannsson, the co-founder and CEO of labor management tool, Sling, comes from a software development b...

Do not ignore timezones!

Why, hello there! Hope your days are filled with sunshine and sundry summer colors! We know you are busy, hence getting your schedules ...

Free Shift Scheduling Tool Set to Expand Client Base

Sling bills itself as “the only free shift-scheduling tool for non-desk employees,” and it’s being used by huge employers like Su...

Marching into the “Gig Economy”

In this advice column, we tackle industry challenges. Q: Supposedly we’re entering the “gig economy” in which more people piece t...

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