quality of good employee

25 Important Employee Qualities to Hire For

If you’re wondering about the qualities of good employees, you’ve come to the right place. Hiring employees with the right combination of qualities can have a positive effect on the productivity and success of your team and your business.

In this article, we review some of the most important qualities to look for and cultivate in your team.

Important qualities of a good employee

quality of good employee

1) Team player

No employees work all by themselves all the time, so the first quality of a good employee is being a team player.

When everyone on your team is willing to work together, things often run smoother, and the business may enjoy more success.

2) Good communicator

Again, no employee always works alone. They’re going to have to communicate with other team members, customers, or higher-ups at some point.

The ability to explain and express themselves clearly — as well as the ability to listen when others communicate — can be a valuable asset to your company.

3) Able to work autonomously

Though we stressed the importance of teamwork at the start of this list, that doesn’t mean that employees will necessarily work together all the time.

You want your employees to be able to work autonomously — that is, on their own — should the need arise.

4) Adaptable

Adaptability comes in two types: interpersonal and intrapersonal.

Interpersonal adaptability means that an employee is able to make accommodations for other people and the unique ways they work.

Intrapersonal adaptability means that an employee is able to make accommodations for changes to the habits, processes, and routines that they use every day.

Look for (or cultivate) both types in your employees.

5) Persistent

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Persistence is a key quality of a good employee. As any manager knows, you can learn a lot from success, but you can learn even more from failure.

When an employee continues to strive for better results after first falling short of the bullseye — or missing the target altogether — it shows that they’re persistent and will continue to work toward success even when the chips are down.

6) Honest

Honesty — telling the truth in all situations, especially when it’s not necessarily in their best interest to do so — is essential if you want to build a strong team that trusts each other and can work together efficiently.

7) Willing to learn

Another quality of a good employee is that they’re not closed off to new ideas but are willing to learn new things.

This is especially important when it comes to teaching your team members how to alter their workflow for the better in the face of changing company policy and customer wishes.

8) Punctual

Being punctual is, in many ways, a sign of respect. It shows that the employee understands that what you ask them to do is important — be it starting work at 8 a.m. or arriving for a meeting before it starts.

Employees who are not punctual may actually cost your business time and money by making the rest of the team wait for them to arrive before things can begin

9) Detail-oriented

Anyone who’s dealt with the wrong date on a contract or the misspelling of a customer’s name can attest to the fact that being detail-oriented is an important quality of a good employee.

Look for someone who doesn’t skip over the little details that can move a task, job, or project from good to great.

10) Comfortable getting and giving feedback

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Whether you’re looking for this quality in a new employee or you’re training your current employees to exhibit it, you want your team to be comfortable getting and giving feedback.

That means they don’t take offense when you provide constructive corrective feedback. It also means that they’re not hesitant to provide their own feedback — to you and to their teammates — should the need arise.

11) Optimistic

An optimistic employee has a tendency to look on the bright side when things go poorly and can help refocus and remotivate the team to get back on track.

12) Humble

You want the employees on your team to feel pride in their work, but not so much that they’re bragging or become arrogant because of it.

A person who exhibits humility likely works hard because it’s the right thing to do, not because of something they can gain from someone else.

13) Tech-savvy

Technology is always evolving. It’s vital that your team members be comfortable rolling with and adapting to those changes.

That doesn’t mean a tech-savvy employee has to be an expert in everything. It just means they’re willing to work with technology, learn new systems, and adapt when new tools come along.

14) Collaborative

No company will succeed with the effort of just one person.

Success requires a team effort. That means a group of individuals working together and collaborating to get the job done right the first time through.

15) Confident

A confident employee

A confident employee will try to face challenges head-on, without succumbing to the fear of failure. And they’ll be willing to take risks because they know that they can make the best of any situation.

16) Creative

Look for (or train) team members who can think outside the box, create solutions to common problems, and find ways to improve things in your business.

17) Hard-working

A hard-working employee will put in the time and effort necessary to get the job done on time and to the high standards that you’re looking for.

18) Organized

For some people, organization is a real struggle. For others, organization is second nature.

That said, if you find someone with all the other qualities that you’re looking for, you can always train them to improve their organizational skills.

19) Reliable

Reliability is not a quality of a good employee that should be taken for granted.

You can count on a reliable team member to arrive at work when they’re scheduled, complete assignments on time, and follow the instructions you give them.

20) Respectful

A respectful employee

A respectful employee will do their best to treat everyone — customers and coworkers alike — with the consideration and politeness they deserve.

21) Professional

A professional employee will do their best not to let personal problems interfere with the way they interact with customers, clients, management, and their teammates.

They’ll strive to use appropriate language and behavior in any and all interactions.

22) Shows leadership potential

Look for employees that demonstrate the qualities of a strong leader, such as the ability to delegate as well as the ability to guide and command others when necessary.

23) Enthusiastic

An enthusiastic team member — one who’s excited to perform their job — can rub off on the rest of the group and raise the motivation of the whole business.

24) Inquisitive

An inquisitive employee will often be on the lookout for new ways to make their job and their work better.

That may translate into huge benefits for your business because it can lead to improvements in everything from small processes that only affect one person to large processes that have an impact on the way your entire business operates.

25) Proactive

Proactive employees often have the ability to see things that need to be done and take the initiative to work on them before you ask.

That can help you improve processes before they become a roadblock and avoid problems that can turn into major issues for your team.

Putting good employee qualities to work

Putting good employee qualities to work

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