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We know you are busy, hence getting your schedules right might take some load off of your shoulders. So a couple of weeks ago we’ve committed to sharing some tips and tricks to make your shift scheduling practices more efficient.

Here is the second tip: Take notice of filters!

While low-key and unobtrusive, filters can have a vast effect on your scheduling. Use them to view only what’s relevant to you and to make your print layouts more compact.

  • Want to schedule employees in one location only? Adjust the location filter.
  • Want to check shifts for a specific position? Use the position filter.
  • Interested in viewing available shifts? There is an event filter for that too.
  • Curious about what’s scheduled for a specific employee? Select their name from the drop-down list.
  • Overwhelmed by empty rows? Hide those from the calendar for a cleaner look.
  • Want to change the sorting of the shifts? Play around with the sorting options to find a better layout for yourself.
  • Want your employees to see their coworkers’ schedules? Suggest they adjust their filters too, as defaults are set to only show their own shifts.

There is no need to save your preferences – your latest filter and sorting settings will become your default the next time you open Sling, just do not log out!
Also, we’ll bet a buck or two that you might not be aware of the dual behavior of the filters. Clicking on the name of the filter will include the item, whereas it will be excluded if you click on the circle.


You have to try it yourself though to comprehend the logic, – it’s out there.

Happy scheduling!
The Sling dev team

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