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Minimize time theft and control labor costs by creating perfect work schedules for every shift, every time with the Sling workforce management app.

Sling mobile time clock app

Thousands of businesses like yours use Sling to handle their shift scheduling.

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Avoid scheduling conflictsSling calendar schedule conflicts

Accurately track employee work hours

Eliminate inaccurate time tracking — intentional and unintentional — throughout your business.

  • Enforce schedules with auto clock-out

  • Reduce excess time with early clock-in prevention

  • Track regular hours, overtime, holidays, and time-on-task

  • Achieve precise employee time tracking

Keep employees up to speedSling Scheduling employee communication tool

Automate clock-in/clock-out settings

Take advantage of built-in automation to better control clock-in/clock-out behavior.

  • Establish shift time parameters while scheduling

  • Automatically distribute notifications about work hours

  • Remind employees to clock out for breaks

Make sure employees are on-siteMake sure employees are on-site

Control time tracking with geofencing

Make sure employees are only able to track time when they’re at the right location.

  • Use geofencing for precise employee location while on the job

  • Reduce early clock-ins

  • Eliminate late clock-outs

  • Notify employees if they try to clock in before reaching the job site

labor vs revenuelabor vs revenue

Eliminate costly errors

Time tracking mistakes can cost your business valuable resources. Reduce the chance for those mistakes with Sling.

  • Create reports that can help reveal time tracking errors

  • Track work hours by shift or location

  • Add layers of security to prevent time theft

  • Use data to improve workflows and eliminate opportunities for mistakes

Take control of your time tracking

Eliminate time theft

Eliminate time theft

Extra minutes on employee time sheets add up over time. Reduce waste with an advanced employee time tracker.

Reduce absenteeism and tardiness

Reduce tardiness and no-shows

Tardies and no-shows drag everyone down. Keep employees prompt with accurate employee time tracking.

instantly tally timesheets

Tally employee timesheets

Automatically remind employees of upcoming shifts to increase on-time arrivals and productivity.

Go beyond shift scheduling software

Everything you need to manage employees and keep them coming back, all in one platform.

Fantastic scheduling software!

Easy to create shifts, user friendly and great to message employees individually or by group.

Shift scheduling is only the start.

Shift scheduling with Sling is free. But that’s only the beginning of what you can accomplish. Sling comes with a 15-day free trial so you can choose the plan that works best for your needs.

Bill monthly

Bill annually

Save 15%

Unlimited managers, employees and locations


Unlock your team’s potential with easy-to-use scheduling and communication features.


Key features

  • Shift scheduling

    Organize and manage employee work schedules

  • Time-off requests

    Approve or deny employee requests for time off

  • Available shifts

    Easily see which shifts still need to be filled

  • News sharing

    Share news with your team through targeted pages

  • Long-term scheduling

    Build employee schedules months in advance

  • Private messaging

    Communicate with employees one-on-one

Plus many others


Take it to the next level by adding tools for tracking time and optimizing labor costs.


per user per month

Key features

  • Mobile time tracking

    Accurately clock in and out of shifts from a moble device

  • Labor cost management

    Keep track of your labor costs and compare against sales

  • Overtime tracking

    Track, analyze and prevent excessive overtime

  • Private and group messaging

    Communicate with employees in private or group conversations

  • Calendar synchronization

    Keep track of your scheduled shifts on any calendar app

Plus everything in Free



Understand your labor data, pull reports for payroll, and run your business efficiently!


per user per month

Key features

  • Kiosk time tracking

    Use a shared device for employees to clock in and out

  • Reports

    View reports of total hours worked and wages earned

  • No-shows

    Track and manage shifts employees miss

  • Sick call-outs

    Track and manage employee sick call-outs

  • PTO management

    Approve and track paid time off requests

Plus everything in Premium

Frequently asked questions

What Is Time Theft?

Time theft occurs when an employee accepts wages for work they didn’t do. The theft can be deliberate, accidental, or just negligent.

Regardless of how time theft occurred, the loss of both time and money can have a negative impact on your labor budget.

For example, if Jane clocks in at 8:55 a.m. and clocks out at 5 p.m., your business may pay her for an extra 20 hours every year. And that’s just one employee. Multiply those 20 hours by the number of employees on your payroll, and it’s easy to see how the costs can really add up.

What Are the Different Types of Time Theft?

There are many different types of time theft that range in intention from accidental to deliberate.

Some of the most common types of time theft include:

  • Mistakes
  • Rounding errors
  • Overly long breaks
  • Unauthorized personal time
  • Unauthorized overtime
  • Buddy punching
  • Long non-work-related conversations
  • Personal internet use
  • Job-specific time theft (e.g., taking longer than usual to complete a task)
  • Hiding or disappearing

One of the best ways to minimize the possibility that time theft may occur is to incorporate time tracking software, like Sling, into your team’s workflow.

How Can I Prevent Time Theft?

Preventing time theft starts by establishing a good time tracking process. To improve the way your business monitors work hours, consider taking one or more of the following actions:

  • Make the rules clear and publish them for all to see (i.e., in your employee handbook)
  • Monitor employee clock-in/clock-out behavior
  • Address issues as soon as possible
  • Set standards of accountability
  • Follow through with discipline
  • Lead by example
  • Address time theft in your onboarding process
  • Maintain communication
  • Build morale
  • Be understanding
  • Address time theft in your on-the-job training

Why Choose Sling to Track Employee Time?

Sling helps you track employee time and attendance so you can see exactly when they worked, both from beginning to end and on specific tasks throughout the day.

If your team works off-site, you can use Sling’s built-in geofencing features to establish boundaries around the job. If they’re outside those boundaries, they won’t be able to clock in. If they leave those boundaries without clocking out, you’ll both get a notification.

And that’s just the beginning of how Sling can help you prevent time theft, streamline time tracking, and manage your workforce better.

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