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Sling Announces Integration Partnership with Leading Payroll Platform Gusto

Sling scheduling app integrates with Gusto payroll app

Sling is pleased to announce its newest integration with leading payroll platform Gusto. The bidirectional integration allows for employee, schedule, and timeclock data to be synced between the two platforms. For businesses utilizing both Gusto and Sling, the integration allows for a seamless, real-time transfer of data.

Typically, customers add employees to their Sling account by inviting by email, manually creating their employees, or uploading a spreadsheet. With the new integration, when a new employee is created in Gusto, the employee is automatically added to the employer’s Sling account.

“Automating the transfer of data between Sling and Gusto is a big win for our customers,” said Helgi Hermannsson, CEO of Sling. “Gusto has been a partner in the true sense of the word, and we are excited to see our customers take advantage of this integration that will save them time and money.”

Position, wage, and other data created in Gusto is also automatically imported into Sling. This saves time for both the employer and employees and ensures that employees are accurately accounted for in both platforms.

The integration also provides Gusto users with all schedule and time clock data that Sling provides. At the end of the pay period, managers can review and approve timesheets in Sling, and then send them to Gusto with a single click of the mouse.

Sling’s schedule and labor cost calculator allows managers to see scheduled overtime and rearrange the schedule accordingly. Catching this before the overtime is worked saves money and prevents finger pointing when processing payroll. The communication tools within Sling let employers send messages and make announcements to their employees. When employees are looking to swap shifts, they can easily communicate with their coworkers without the manager getting involved.

With payroll, benefits, 401(k), and HR features, Gusto is built for the way that small businesses work. Gusto serves more than 100,000 small business customers, the same market Sling specializes in. Sling is the latest in many integrations that Gusto offers, joining a partnership ecosystem that brings even more value to Gusto’s product.

Visit Sling’s integration page to learn more about syncing Sling with Gusto. Learn more about Gusto on its website.

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