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Hope your days are filled with sunshine and sundry summer colors! We know you are busy, hence getting your schedules right might take some load off of your shoulders. So in the next couple of weeks, we are going to share some tips and tricks to make your shift scheduling practices more efficient.

Here is the first one: Do not ignore timezones! Get them right and you are likely to reduce absenteeism and tardiness. Here is how timezones help with that: Location timezones are important as they define when your employees get their shift alarms. Those are sent via push notifications to your employees’ mobile phones, so they can’t go unnoticed, hence your employees are more likely to remember about their upcoming shifts on time. Verify your location timezones by going to Dashboard -> Locations Locations Employee timezones are important as they define the timeframe for time off requests. Verify employee timezones by going to Dashboard -> Employees -> Edit profile profile Location timezones would normally match employee timezones; if that’s not the case for your account, you might need to adjust either.

Happy scheduling! The Sling dev team

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