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Education Employee Scheduling Software | Sling

It usually takes a scheduling whiz—or many of them—to coordinate events in an education setting. Not only do classes have to be accounted for but so do meetings, conferences, and social functions, requiring planning months (or even years) in advance. Whether you represent a university, high school, or test-prep center, stay on top of short- and long-term operations and education scheduling with Sling.

Sling shift scheduling


Use the Full Schedule feature to view all the different types of work and the employees assigned to take care of each task. Set up ongoing classes and regular departmental meetings as recurring events, and they’ll automatically populate the calendar.

Employee unavailability

Unavailability & Time off

Part-time employees and supervisors can set their hours of unavailability to avoid scheduling conflicts and alert the team of their planned absences. Full-time employees can request time off directly from their supervisors.

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