Learn how Sling can make remote work easier for your team

Glimpse who is working

No matter the size of your team, Sling can help you organize everyone's work schedules. Create shifts for the week and add time off and unavailability too to keep the whole team informed when everyone is working and can be reached. Sling makes scheduling easy, so you can get it done quickly and move on to other tasks.

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Communicate real-time

Away from water coolers, Sling can help your team to stay connected and keep the conversation flowing. Send private and group messages at the click of a button and organize conversations by different teams, projects and beyond. Get notifications for new messages wherever you are and never skip a beat.

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Make your work visible

Got something to share? Sling helps you distribute information efficiently and save some paper too! Keep your team up to date on your work progress with thematic and targeted newsfeed pages. Catch up on what’s happening around the company or the specific project and give a ‘like’ or two.

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Get stuff done

Sling can help to keep you and your team more accountable and maintain everyone’s productivity. Create to-do lists for yourself or your team members, provide clarity and follow the progress via Sling. Set deadlines and get reminded as the due dates approach.

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Help your team thrive when working remote

  • Increase accuracy with Sling

    Connect with your team and increase accountability

    Make communication simple, enable collaboration and productive conversations, and create a sense of unity with Sling’s messaging platform. Whether it’s a private message or a group conversation, your team would have a better way to stay connected, while you rest easy knowing that messages were delivered and read.

  • Customize with Sling

    Create a dynamic information hub for your team

    Scrolling through social media can be a drag. Scrolling through your unique Sling newsfeed is productive and informative. With the Newsfeed feature, everything your employees need to know to keep projects moving comes together in one interactive space where they can like, comment, and post.

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    Keep things moving when everything stopped

    Keep your team engaged and informed without ever leaving your home. Make company-wide announcements, share information with teams, or reach out to specific employees. Whether you’re planning everybody’s work or discussing project progress, Sling makes work easy and efficient.

Organize and manage all your work from a single platform

Build around Messages, Newsfeed, Tasks and Shifts, Sling allows managers and employees alike to organize their work from a single platform. It makes communication simple, enables collaboration and productive conversations, and creates a sense of unity, while keeping teams accountable and helping to get things done!

Built for your industry

By automating processes and centralizing workplace communications, Sling can make just about any organization run smoother.

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