Sling Unveils Shift Scheduling Tool for Businesses

Sling, a shift scheduling tool for non-desk employees, is designed to allow managers to organize all aspects of their work on a single platform instead of having to communicate and coordinate work with employees via email, Excel or social media group.

The platform is built around four features:

  • Shifts enables retailers to set up shift schedules, manage time off, shift trade requests and handle unexpected changes without stress.
  • Messages enables retailers to send messages and chat with employees, or share photos, videos, and links with coworkers — either individually or in groups.
  • Tasks enables retailers to create and assign tasks and get notified when they are completed. For example, managers can remind employees about upcoming deadlines.
  • Newsfeed enables brands to post and distribute information and news to their company’s feed for all employees to see.

In its first year, Sling achieved $2.5 million in revenue, building upon the momentum of its initial $500,000 pre-seed funding. The company will utilize the funds secured to increase support efforts and greater repositories of value-added content on the platform. Within the time frame, the company added 1,500 new clients to its roster.

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