Sync Toast with Sling to share employee and scheduling data across the two platforms

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    Sync employee data

    Send employee information from Toast to Sling, avoid having to add new employees on two platforms, and keep the changes up-to-date without effort.

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    Sync timesheets

    Send timesheets created on Toast to Sling, compare scheduled and actual hours and costs, and export reports for easy payroll processing for remote clock-ins.

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    Sync sales

    Send sales data straight from your Toast POS to Sling, compare projected and actual sales, and optimize cost of labor by building better employee schedules.

Streamline your operations

Together, Sling and Toast simplify employee scheduling and time tracking, improve internal communication, drive team engagement, and save restaurateurs time and money.

“Sling’s continued innovation and dedication to simplifying labor-management tools while gaining clarity into schedule cost and practices allows restaurants to schedule smarter instead of harder.”

Bradley Knebel
The Market Line

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