stars "Sling allows businesses to schedule smarter instead of harder." - Bradley Knebel

Sync ADP Workforce Now with Sling to share employee and scheduling data across the two platforms

  • Sync employee data

    When you create an employee in ADP Workforce Now, their information automatically gets sent to Sling, along with their role and their wages.

  • Sync timesheet reports

    After approving employee timesheets in Sling, export the payroll report to ADP Workforce Now with the click of a button. All wage and overtime data will be included.

  • Bi-directional sync

    The ADP Workforce Now-Sling integration seamlessly syncs data between the two platforms to improve scheduling and payroll operations.

Better together

The integration between Sling and ADP Workforce Now saves you time and keeps you from duplicating your efforts.

“I love Sling! It makes scheduling 100X better for our company. I enjoy that I can create a monthly schedule and instantly send it out. As per usual, I have everyone set up their availability and there is always at least one person who says they can’t make a shift. Fortunately, Sling makes it easy to switch shifts around and communicate with our team. Before Sling, we would use Excel and it was just a big waste of time.”

Vincent Coccia
City of North Las Vegas

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By automating processes and centralizing workplace communications, Sling can make just about any organization run smoother.

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