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New IT Products: B2 Cloud Storage, WAN Encryption, And Apple’s Latest Betas

Backblaze launches B2 Cloud Storage 1.0

Backblaze has publicly launched Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage 1.0, which combines low-cost cloud storage with “a 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA), free and premium support options, and a growing list of partners who have created integrations to sync, backup, and archive data.” According to Backblaze, B2 Cloud Storage integrates with Synology NAS, Cloudberry Lab for Windows Server backups, Cubix for archiving media, and OpenIO for hybrid cloud storage. B2 Cloud Storage costs $0.005/GB/month for data storage with the first 10GB being free each month. “There is no cost to upload your data — we will not charge you transaction fees or network charges — free means free,” Backblaze says.

Barracuda Networks releases Barracuda Web Security Gateway 10.0

Barracuda Networks has launched Barracuda Web Security…, which “adds SSL Inspection capabilities to certain hardware models.” According to Barracuda, “Barracuda Web Security Gateway 410 hardware appliance now includes full SSL Inspection while the Barracuda Web Security Gateway 310 hardware appliance now includes a Safe Search feature.” These new features are meant to address the growing use of SSL encryption across the internet by making it easier for administrators to monitor and maintain network security. Barracuda’s latest version of its Web Security Gateway also includes a Chromebook Security Extension, which “provides a complete set of policy-related functions to the Chromebook, without the need for a proxy and certificate.”

Barracuda Networks is currently offering free evaluation units and is offering quotes to those interested in buying Barracuda Web Security Gateway 10.0.

Masergy launches WAN Encryption

Masergy has unveiled WAN Encryption, which it describes as “a managed service that protects data end-to-end while in transit for software-defined WAN connectivity between applications and users.” WAN Encryption comes with features such as certificate management, audit ready security for privacy compliance, software-defined traffic protection, and policy management. In a press release, Masergy says WAN Encryption “leverages Certes Networks’ patented Crypto-Flow technology,” which offers some of the strongest commercially available encryption solutions to protect business data. Masergy is currently offering free consultations to those interested in WAN Encryption.

Sling upgrades free eponymous Sling scheduling tool

Sling has upgraded its eponymous free shift scheduling tool (Sling) to include all the tools managers need to schedule and communicate with non-desk employees. According to Sling, more than 1,500 companies including AMC Theatres, Subway, and Holiday Inn now use the Sling scheduling tool, which also includes a company newsfeed and a task management component. The app itself has four core features:

Shifts, which let managers schedule their employees

Messages, which gives managers the ability “to send messages and chat with employees”

Newsfeed, which lets companies “post and distribute information to a feed for all employees to see”

Tasks, which allows managers to “create and assign tasks and get notified when they are completed.”

Sling is free to download and use.

Apple announces macOS and iOS 10 public beta releases

Apple launched public betas of the latest iterations of its OS X, which has now been rebranded as macOS, and the tenth iteration of iOS, it’s mobile operating system. According to Information Week, “The betas, unfinished previews really, are unstable and buggy, but let the general public test the newest software features months before the platforms are released to everyone. There is a bit of risk involved, but to some, the rewards may be worth the effort.” New features in macOS include the ability to unlock Macs with an Apple Watch, a universal clipboard that works across iOS and macOS devices, an extension of Apple Pay to the computer, and, of course, the addition of the digital assistant Siri. Where in the past iOS has been closed off, iOS 10 marks a new direction for Apple: Siri, iMessage, and Maps are now open to third-party developers. iOS 10 also features a redesigned UI and updated UX. You can try out the new iOS and macOS via Apple’s Beta Software Program, which is free to join.

Karma unveils Private Networks premium feature

Karma has launched a new premium feature that gives users of its Karma Go device the ability to convert their hotspots into a more traditional, private internet network. For those unfamiliar with the hotspot company, Karma has created a business out of “sharing internet access with others… through a hotspot service” with a device called Karma Go. Users subscribe to a data service and then can take Go anywhere to connect to the internet. Unlike other hotspots, however, other Karma users in the vicinity can log into a single Go hotspot — the Go owner then receives credit for every person they share their internet with, which either turns into extra data they can use later or transfer the savings to their bill for credit. The new private networks feature is available as a premium feature and “carries a $15 per month charge on pay-as-you-go plans and $5 per month charge on subscription data plans.”

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